Hey there, Steve “Mister Goodtools” Meyer, here! Welcome to the website. This is a culmination of years of having fun working with tools. I have so many tools my neighbors, friends, and relatives know they don’t have to rent a tool, they can borrow it! From ME!

Tile saws, table saws, hand tools, ladders, you name it. How did I come about having all these tools? I was fortunate enough to be born into a family of mechanically inclined people on both sides of my family. I had two Grandpas who knew the ins and out of cars, welding, and carpentry. And a dad who could fix literally anything from electric motors to heating and air conditioning systems.

I worked in my dad’s service station as a kid, and helped him with carpentry and anything else that needed fixing. I worked as a suspension mechanic for many years, then I moved into being an aerospace mechanic. About that time my dad passed and I inherited a bunch of his woodworking tools.

After that, I moved into my own handyman business, which required lots of cool tools like tile saws and nail guns. Eventually, I took classes for HVAC, and of course I needed extra tools for that. Through those years I bought some cheap tools to get started, then I bought the better tools, and I inherited some really good tools.

I found good tools at yard sales, and I made deals for some top of the line used tools. I still have 94.5% of all those tools and I use them. I love working with tools, I love having the right tool for the job and I love helping other people with how to use tools.

My garage is always ready to help someone out whether it’s the neighbor across the street with his heating system or my best friend with his wife’s wall shelving project. My methods may not always be the best, but I have fun at it and get the job done!

Steve “Mister Goodtools” Meyer