Month: March 2019

What’s the best cordless circular saw for the market, it’s not what you think!

Hint: It’s not what you’re looking at, either. Looking for the best cordless circular saw on the market? Maybe you need a little help. Here are 5 good candidates in our comparison. But first and foremost it’s important to find out what the market is! With the market moving away from corded power tools to […]

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What is the best portable table saw?

Looking for the best portable table saw? If you ask these guys you’re going to get 5 different answers. So we need to figure out how we’re going to rate that table saw first! There are several brands on the market that dominate the competition, I’m going to narrow in on the four top models. […]

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About Mister Goodtools

Hey there, Steve “Mister Goodtools” Meyer, here! Welcome to the website. This is a culmination of years of having fun working with tools. I have so many tools my neighbors, friends, and relatives know they don’t have to rent a tool, they can borrow it! From ME! Tile saws, table saws, hand tools, ladders, you […]

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